Simply sharing my journey.

December 1, 2017


Since the day I created this site almost 10 months ago, I've been busy establishing myself as a yoga teacher, taking initial steps to become a health coach and, from time to time, writing about it all. 

Meanwhile, writing has settled as a part of my life that brings me so much joy. It's become such an important tool in my life for connecting with people — friends, family, students, teachers, even strangers. 

I want this site to be a vehicle for my writing. As it existed until today, it wasn't quite that. I preferred to post and share through Medium because of its simplicity and truly beautiful reader interface. I posted on this site typically as an afterthought. 

So today I reconfigured so that I can write happily here. Posts are easier to find as soon as you arrive on the homepage, and hopefully the blog format will be enjoyable and inviting. I've also added the ability to subscribe, so anyone who'd like can get new posts as soon as they drop. 

I'm sure this will all change again. As always, this space is my personal reminder to not play small, to reflect often and be the truest version of me. 


November 11, 2016


I built this site simply to learn how to do it.

Now that I have it, I hope it'll keep me honest. Six months ago (August 2015) I realized that I'd never — in my entire life (27 years) — learned to reflect. This led me to the conclusion that I hardly knew myself, and set me on a quest to try to. 

This space is my commitment to myself to continue reflecting.


January 27, 2016