Manifesting An Intention

Today was the last day of the NYC Yoga Journal Live conference. I volunteered as an event staff member and as a result I got to spend my birthday weekend in the presence of some amazing yogis, learning and soaking in the community's energy.

We're told to manifest what we want. Tomorrow is my second audition at Y7. I've had this recurring vision of my Facebook post announcing the first class I teach. That image came back today. I believe that image is a manifestation of my desire to teach there. 

This personal site is meant to force me to be honest with myself, my beliefs, my journey and my discovery. So, I'll use it to manifest what I hope to happen tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'm going crush my Y7 audition. My words are going to come out powerfully, simply and smooth. Everything will not be perfect, but I'll learn from what isn't perfect and the rest will be good enough to take me to the next level in this audition process. Soon enough I'll be teaching actively. 

Joanna Cohen