Why I'm Doing This

I'm not the type of person who makes quick decisions. I like to have a lot of information before making a judgement about just about anything. I didn't choose this way of being, I just feel very uncomfortable when I do things any other way. 

For this reason I tend to mull over creative ideas for a long time. I used to impose a rule on myself at work so I didn't sit on ideas forever — if I was still obsessively thinking about something after three full days, it was time to share with a colleague. Three days became my measuring stick. 

But in my personal life I have no such yard stick. I face a similar reality, thinking constantly about different ideas: on yoga, relationships, sports, philosophy, people, food... anything. 

When I'm particularly enamored with an idea, it might make its way into a few conversations. Or on rare occasions an idea might eventually become a cohesive piece of writing. But these situations are outliers. Most typically, the ideas I labor over in my head will simply disappear and take the hours of mindspace they occupied with them. 

So here I'm trying something new. I am picking up a new measuring stick for my personal life. I will write down the ideas that linger. I won't worry yet about formulating them into something cohesive — that is for my writing space

This is a space to get the ideas out of my head before I'm "ready". It is a challenge to the process I'm comfortable with. It's an effort to keep myself writing; I'm filling the top of the funnel as they say in sales. 

And writing is just another effort to keep myself reflecting. 

Soooo here goes. 


Joanna CohenComment