Random ass things that stick with you forever

It's weird how there are those completely obscure (or are they?) things that resurface over and over in your life. It might be something someone said to you once that stuck, or something you overheard a stranger say, or a scene from a movie that resonated... the sources are endless. But these seemingly random thoughts come up again and again and somehow, strangely have a lasting impact on your life. 


  • When Mr. Klimeck or another gym teacher from middle school said that he'd never seen his wife poop. That in 17 years of marriage never once did he know she was going #2. This shaped my ideal relationship (romantic and friendship) for a long time. If everyone I knew never knew that I went to the bathroom life was grand. I realize now I was even hiding this part of life from myself. How effed is that?
  • "Only the boring get bored", a quote my dad played on repeat to me and my brothers when we were young. Anytime I feel myself coming close to boredom I snap straight and remind myself that this is making me a boring person. Not that I change what I'm doing, but I insist to no end that I am not bored. 
  • There are two ways of getting fat. One is when you add more fat cells, and the other is when the size of your fat cells increase in size. However, there is only one way of getting skinny. You cannot reduce the number of fat cells in your body, you can only decrease the size of the fat cells. So basically once you add fat cells you are stuck with them. Your only hope for losing weight is to decrease the size of the, now more plentiful, fat cells in your body. 

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea if this is true. I think I learned it in NutriSci 132 freshman year of college, but I'm not sure about that either. I haven't fact checked since. All I know is I NEVER want to add fat cells, and I get sad when I do.

  • You forget what you read in the ten minutes before you fall asleep. 

This is a running list... I'll add more as I remember. 

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